Structure Plan WG

Structure Plan

Our group supports the “Ramadan Pavilion” project on all aspects of construction, structure, and distribution of resources. Thanks to this group, the “Ramadan Pavilion” event can be fully realized.
Planning assembly and disassembly

Planning the assembly and disassembly is one of the most important tasks we perform. The assembly is, at first, organized and designed mentally.
Before reaching the construction, project feasibility is demonstrated by calculations. On the day of assembly, we are on site to monitor developments and ensure that the tents are positioned correctly and that they are well allocated to each work group.
Everything that has been assembled must be disassembled at the end. Therefore, we plan disassembly with people concerned and ensure this task systematically.



Our WG is trying to jointly examine which projects are feasible and which ones are not. The aim here is to take into account the economic and technical aspects, but also to accept the limits of existing infrastructure and make optimal use of the available options. The needs of the working groups are particularly important because they will help to best satisfy our guests by creating a clear and warm


Allocation of resources

As part of resource planning, we ensure that existing resources are used optimally and we try to distribute them fairly according to the needs of the working groups.