Quran and Prayer WG

Our main priority is to attain Allah’s pleasure first. Prayer and the Quran are the heart of our religion, they enrich our daily life as a shining star, they are the source of our relaxation against daily stress.
To open a door of exchange between non-muslims and muslims and to give an overview of our daily life, we offer:
In the prayer tent, the peculiarity of prayer is shown which represent a connection and a direct communication with Allah. The wisdom of the five prayer times is shown as well and have to be performed by muslims at the illuminated day. In addition, the tent also includes other pillars of muslims’ life in general.
In the same tent, common prayers are held (prayer of Joumoua), conferences and small Nasihas (councils).
In the tent of the Quran, there is a possibility of seeing how we read the Quran and what is the meaning of the Ayats.
Various spiritual actions should also be highlighted such as:
– The Quran the spring of our hearts
– The source of our peace.
In this tent, there are also reading circles of the Quran, lectures, Tajweed and Tafseer.
The purpose of this event is to get the pleasure of Allah and to get closer to Him in this blessed month.