Logistics, Electricity and Water WG

We are responsible for all logistical issues of the Ramadan Pavilion as well as for water and electricity on site.
Our working group provides the optimum infrastructure in place to meet the needs of the Ramadan Pavilion. We are responsible for the project in terms of time optimization and distribution of goods and services. We ensure the internal planning of the event, the management and control of all activities and we also take care of the external goods and the flow of information.
In addition to organizing the assembly and disassembly of the Pavilion, we also take care of the necessary equipment transportation, food and other needs required at the Pavilion.
Apart from the supply of energy and water, we are also available for emergencies to ensure a smooth action.
The logistics WG ensures a smooth running of transport, storage, supply and distribution of goods, people, money and information.
Reducing costs while maintaining good quality logistics processes is a priority for us. As a logistics group, our goal is to provide goods and information in sufficient quantity, at the right time in the right place and of course at the optimal price-performance ratio.